Local Moving

Auto Marios is the perfect furniture mover for a furniture move. With over 20 years of experience as a furniture mover, our company provides inside pickup and delivery and prepares furniture for safe, secure transport at a good affordable price.

As good reliable furniture movers we explain everything up front. You call and tell us what furniture items you want to move, and we provide an exact price and explain everything. There are no surprises and no hidden charges when you choose Auto Marios as your furniture mover.
Our furniture mover rates are based on the number of items, distance and weight, and we can estimate weight when you tell us what furniture items you need to be moved.
A professional furniture mover team will come inside to pick up items, prepare them for transport, and bring them inside at delivery. As expert furniture movers, we can safely and efficiently move your bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, sofas and televisions, as well as antiques and other large household items.

International Moving

We ship internationally by air, sea & land to most major cities in the world. We offer shipping services for large items that especially fragile or valuable. Providing along that custom clearing and insurance with AROPE insurance - BERYTUS - and others...

We offer several different types of shipping services and moving services. We can match the service to fit your need. The most common types of moves or shipments involve boxes or crates, furniture, or other household goods. We can transport all of those, as well as almost any large items.


Custom Clearance

The seasoned experience of auto marios, and the special advantages it offers to customers, rank it somehow apart in the world of transportation.

- Auto marios. is well regarded by the Lebanese Customs Authority for its legal transparency, and dutiful legal history.

- Consequently, we have had no Customs penalties incurred against us, nor against our clients due to our regular computerized monitoring of every aspect of the transportation process, and speeding up of legal Customs' clearance procedures.

- In addition, we enjoy an extensive experience in handling intact documentation issued by the Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture, and other Ministries, to be presented to Customs.


We, at auto marios, are proud to do business with several insurance companies to make sure our services are best offered & completed for a better customer satisfaction. (AROPE insurance - BERYTUS - and others... ).

Vehicle Rental

We offer the best way to lift your furniture safely from the containers to your appartment balconies, no matter what the weight & size of the furniture is (piano, antique show closet, photocopiers,...) & no matter what floor your appartement is.

We also provide truck rental in several box sizes (4meters / 6.5meters), closed for more protection from the weather.


We offer storage for all kinds of furnitures & items. Our warehouse is equiped with all necessary security and saftey measures: fire detection, fire fighting spriklers. We also provide theft and fire insurance for your items